TruAudio: The Sound of Innovation

Custom Install & Home Theatre Speakers

TruAudio is one of the leading manufacturers of high-end audiophile-quality custom install speakers and accessories. TruAudio offers “true sounding” speakers for home theatre, whole home audio, custom install and outdoor environments, including garden and patio speakers.

TruAudio‘s attention to detail is their strength, both in terms of sound fidelity and aesthetic appeal. Offering unparalleled sound quality, combined with visually appealing designs that will suit any home, office, or outdoor space.

TruAudio speakers are available for a wide variety of install requirements. Whether you need unobtrusive ceiling speakers that blend perfectly with your home decor, or outdoor speakers designed to perform, even in harsh environments, TruAudio offers and impressive range of speakers to suit most custom install needs.

High Fidelity Sound & Cutting-Edge Design

SOUND: A crucial aspect of any speaker design is the audio quality and accuracy of the sound reproduced. TruAudio has mastered what makes a speaker sound natural and open, with rich, melodic highs and deep, impactful lows. Whether you choose their in-ceiling speakers, in-wall speakers, garden speakers or any of their custom install speakers, you can rest assured that sound quality will always impress.

FLEXIBILITY: TruAudio speakers cater to any number of customer requirements. Multithread stocks their most popular speaker lines, including in-ceiling speakers, in-wall speakers, in-door and out-door sub-woofers, along with garden and outdoor speakers. TruAudio speakers come in different physical sizes and power outputs to suit many different customer environments.

INSTALL: TruAudio excels in offering custom install speakers suitable for many different use cases. Their most popular speakers are geared towards home, office or outdoor use, with a focus on sound quality, stealth design that doesn’t draw attention to itself, and simplicity of install, to allow custom installers the freedom to install speakers in a number of different scenarios and environments.

Custom Install Speakers

AUDIO SOLUTIONS:  Custom installers requiring speakers for their customer’s home theatre, multi-room audio or outdoor audio project, will find many unique solutions within the TruAudio range of custom install speakers. Whether your customer needs an unobtrusive in-ceiling speaker setup, or an outdoor robust speaker system designed to pack a punch, you’re sure to find what you need within the TruAudio range.

TruAudio In-Ceiling & In-Wall Speakers

TruAudio in-ceiling and in-wall speakers offer a number of options when choosing the right speaker for your custom install. Whether you choose the Phantom Series, Shadow Series, Wraith Invisibles, C Series, L Series or Thin-Ceiling Series of speakers, there’s always a solution to your customer’s needs.

In-Ceiling and in-wall Speakers can help create a perfect stealth install for customers requiring something less obtrusive in their home. Not everyone wants or likes large bookshelf speakers on display, so TruAudio‘s range of in-ceiling speakers offers equivalent sound capabilities without bulky equipment on show.

TruAudio Outdoor Speakers

TruAudio‘s outdoor speakers are designed with sound fidelity, ease of installation, and weather-proofing in mind. Why compromise on sound quality in your outdoor space or garden, when you can achieve the same performance from TruAudio‘s range of high fidelity outdoor speakers.

TruAudio features a number of outdoor speakers solutions for a wide variety of custom install needs. Whether your customer needs a better soundstage on their patio, better bass in the garden, or an unobtrusive way of bringing a wide soundstage to their outdoor space, TruAudio’s range of outdoor speakers has something to cater to most outdoor installations.

TruAudio Subwoofers

TruAudio Subwoofers bring subterranean sounds to a new level. Featuring the latest technology in both design and manufacturing, TruAudio subwoofers are the professional’s choice for most custom install needs.

TruAudio offers their subwoofers in a number of different sizes and installation types, to suit almost every install. Whether you need an in-ceiling or in-wall subwoofer, outdoor subwoofer for listening in the garden or a standard 8″ or 12″ subwoofer for a home cinema setup, TruAudio has a subwoofer speaker to suit your customer’s install requirements.

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