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Introducing a new brand to the UK – Alta Labs, providing professional networking equipment with a focus on performance, convenience and reliability. The current lineup of Alta Labs UK products is available via our eCommerce store: and Alta Labs share a common commitment to customer satisfaction.’s team of experts provides dedicated support to assist customers in selecting the most suitable Alta Labs products for their specific requirements.

Alta Labs offers comprehensive documentation, firmware updates, and online resources to facilitate smooth product integration and troubleshooting. Although they are relatively new online, there is an Alta Labs Community Forum for users to post questions and offer setup advice. This customer-centric approach ensures a seamless experience throughout the purchase and implementation process, making and Alta Labs a preferred choice for businesses and home users seeking exceptional support and guidance.

Alta Labs Company Overview

Alta Labs is a US based networking technology manufacturer, offering high-spec access points, network switches and more. The company was created in 2022 and is part of Sound Vision Technologies.

Alta Labs is currently concentrating on an essential range of networking equipment, including their Alta Labs Access Points and Alta Labs Network Switches.

One of the core strengths of Alta Labs products lies in their emphasis on reliability and performance. Network downtime and subpar connectivity can significantly hamper business operations, leading to financial losses and diminished customer satisfaction. Alta Labs understands these challenges and has engineered their products with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring exceptional performance, stability, and reliability.

Alta Labs demonstrates their joint commitment to delivering state-of-the-art networking and security solutions to businesses and individuals. Customers are able to optimise their network infrastructure, enhance performance, and reinforce their security protocols. As technology continues to evolve, Alta Labs is poised to empower businesses with the tools they need to thrive in an increasingly interconnected world.

Zero Fee Cloud Management Software

Alta Labs Cloud Management Software is free, fully-featured and user-friendly. As a cloud management solution, it offers a comprehensive suite of tools and functionalities designed to simplify the complexities of managing your network; whether you’re setting up internet access in your home or overseeing a large enterprise installation, Alta Labs software empowers you to effectively monitor, govern, and automate your network environment.

One of the key highlights of Alta Labs Cloud Management Software is its powerful monitoring and analytics capabilities. With real-time insights into your network usage, you can proactively identify bottlenecks, monitor performance metrics, and ensure optimal utilisation of your infrastructure.

In addition to monitoring, Alta Labs Cloud Management offers robust governance features that enable home users to restrict access to specific websites and apps according to their user access and associated password; and in a business environment, Alta Labs can help you maintain compliance and enforce best practices across your network infrastructure.

Alta Labs software provides fine-grained access controls, security configurations, and compliance policies, ensuring that your network adheres to industry standards and regulatory requirements. With automated enforcement mechanisms, you can mitigate security risks, prevent unauthorised access, and safeguard your critical data.

Alta Labs Cloud Management Software goes beyond monitoring and governance by enabling you to automate routine tasks and streamline operational workflows. With their extensive automation capabilities, you can orchestrate complex processes, automate deployments, and scale resources on demand.

Alta Labs Access Points

Alta Labs AP6 WiFi 6 Access Point

The Alta Labs AP6 and AP6 Pro Access Points are engineered to meet the ever-increasing demands of modern businesses and home users. With cutting-edge technologies and advanced features, these access points offer a superior wireless experience that supports high user density, intensive multimedia applications, and mission-critical operations.

The AP6 Access Point is an ideal choice for home users, small to medium-sized businesses, retail spaces, and educational institutions. It boasts lightning-fast 802.11ax WiFi 6 technology, providing up to 3 Gbps combined speeds and exceptional performance. With multiple spatial streams and intelligent beamforming, the AP6 ensures reliable connections and extended coverage, eliminating dead zones and ensuring seamless connectivity throughout your premises.

Both the Alta Labs AP6 and AP6 Pro Access Points come equipped with comprehensive security features to safeguard your network from potential threats. From WPA3 encryption and rogue AP detection to client isolation and secure guest access, Alta Labs access points ensure that your data remains protected and your network remains secure at all times.

Alta Labs AP6 Pro WiFi 6 Access Point

Offering all of the benefits of the AP6, but aimed at larger organisations and prosumers with higher user densities and greater bandwidth requirements, the AP6 Pro Access Point takes wireless networking to the next level.

Powered by the latest 802.11ax WiFi 6 technology, the AP6 Pro delivers unparalleled speeds of up to 6.3 Gpbs combined, increased capacity, and superior performance in highly congested environments.

With advanced features like Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access (OFDMA) and Multi-User Multiple Input Multiple Output (MU-MIMO), the AP6 Pro supports simultaneous connections to multiple devices, providing a seamless and lag-free user experience even in dense deployments.

Setting up and managing your access points has never been easier thanks to Alta Labs’ zero fee cloud management software. Alta Labs AP6 and AP6 Pro Access Points provide unmatched performance, reliable connectivity, and extensive coverage for home users, businesses, and organisations of all sizes.

Alta Labs AP6 + AP6 Pro Access Point Install Guide

Alta Labs Network Switches

Alta Labs introduces a groundbreaking range of PoE Network Switches that combine advanced networking technology with power efficiency. Designed to cater to various networking needs, Alta Labs PoE Network Switches offer seamless connectivity and the ability to power devices through Power over Ethernet. Whether you’re managing a small office, a smart home, or a larger enterprise setup, Alta Labs Switches provide reliable and innovative solutions for modern networking demands.

Alta Labs S8-POE Network Switch:

The Alta Labs S8-POE Network Switch is a versatile 8-port solution designed to enhance connectivity and streamline power management. With a total power budget of 60W, this switch enables efficient Power over Ethernet distribution, ensuring your devices stay powered without compromise. Its compact design makes it suitable for smaller installations while offering impressive performance for data transfer. The S8-POE Network Switch is an ideal choice for creating efficient networks without sacrificing power or connectivity.

Alta Labs S16-POE Network Switch:

Experience scalability and high-performance networking with the Alta Labs S16-POE Network Switch. Featuring 16 ports and a robust 120W power budget, this switch is perfect for expanding networks while supporting Power over Ethernet devices. Its versatile design caters to various environments, making it suitable for both professional setups and advanced home networks. With the S16-POE Network Switch, you can ensure seamless connectivity and optimal power distribution.

Alta Labs S24-POE Network Switch:

For larger networking requirements, the Alta Labs S24-POE Network Switch offers a comprehensive solution with 24 ports and an impressive 240W power budget. This switch is designed to handle the demands of expansive setups, making it a valuable asset for businesses, organisations, and modern homes. With its reliable data transfer capabilities and efficient PoE support, the S24-POE Network Switch guarantees both seamless connectivity and effective device power management.

Alta Labs PoE Network Switches redefine networking by merging advanced technology with power distribution capabilities. Whether you need to power devices, streamline data flow, or create expansive networks, Alta Labs Switches provide the reliability, efficiency, and performance needed to excel in the modern era of connectivity.


Alta Labs S8-POE Network Switch

Introducing the Alta Labs S8-POE Network Switch – a powerhouse of connectivity and efficiency, perfectly tailored to meet your networking demands.

This 8-port PoE+ switch brings together advanced technology and seamless design to provide a superior networking experience. With its impressive 60W power capacity, the S8-POE switch not only ensures fast and reliable data transfer but also empowers your devices through Power over Ethernet.

Whether you’re managing a small office setup or a smart home network, the Alta Labs S8-POE Network Switch guarantees optimal performance, making it a cornerstone of modern networking solutions. Elevate your connectivity with Alta Labs and redefine the way you experience networking.

Alta Labs 16 Port PoE+ 120W Powered Network Switch

Welcome to the realm of advanced networking with the Alta Labs S16-POE Network Switch, a pinnacle of efficiency and performance. With its 16 ports and impressive 120W Power over Ethernet capability, this switch is designed to seamlessly elevate your network infrastructure.

The Alta Labs S16-POE Network Switch isn’t just about connecting devices; it’s about empowering them. From smart offices to dynamic home setups, this switch ensures a seamless flow of data while providing the power your devices require.

If you’re seeking a powerful networking solution that combines cutting-edge technology with reliability, look no further. Explore the future of networking with the Alta Labs S16-POE Network Switch and experience connectivity like never before.

Alta Labs S24-POE 24 Port PoE+ 240W Powered Network Switch

Step into a new era of network connectivity with the Alta Labs S24-POE Network Switch, a pinnacle of performance and efficiency. Boasting an impressive 24 ports and a robust 240W Power over Ethernet capability, this switch is engineered to take your network infrastructure to unparalleled heights.

The Alta Labs S24-POE Network Switch isn’t just about connecting devices; it’s about empowering them with both data and power.

The S24-POE is ideal for expansive office setups, smart homes, and beyond, this switch ensures seamless data flow while providing the energy your devices demand.

If you’re in search of a high-powered networking solution that seamlessly merges innovation with dependability, your quest ends here.