Multithread Announces New Brand Partnership with Tachyon Networks Welcomes Tachyon Networks: Expanding the Horizon of Networking Solutions is thrilled to announce the addition of Tachyon Networks to its current lineup of wireless and networking brands. Tachyon Networks, renowned for its innovative networking solutions, brings a diverse range of products designed to elevate connectivity experiences for businesses and consumers alike.

Pioneering Connectivity Solutions

The inclusion of Tachyon Networks‘ products marks a significant expansion in’s offerings via With a focus on delivering reliable, high-performance networking solutions, Tachyon Networks’ portfolio includes an array of products such as network switches, 60GHz radios, access points, antennas, and PoE injectors. These products are tailored to optimise wireless network infrastructure, enhance data and power distribution, and support VLAN-aware networking, catering to the evolving demands of modern connectivity.

Empowering Networking Capabilities

The introduction of Tachyon Networks products aligns with’s commitment to empowering businesses and individuals with advanced networking capabilities. Tachyon’s innovative solutions are engineered to deliver exceptional performance, seamless integration, and versatility, ensuring that customers can leverage reliable and efficient networking tools to meet their diverse connectivity needs.

Key Offerings from Tachyon Networks

Some of the standout products from Tachyon Networks now available at include:

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For further details on Tachyon Networks products, technical specifications, stock availability, and pricing, please visit or contact the dedicated support team on 01449 888000 or email

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