WiFi Site SurveysPre-Installation & Post Installation Site Surveys

What WiFi surveys do you offer?

Multithread Consultants offers a number of comprehensive WiFi site surveys, each tailored to the individual business requirements, scope of the project and any limitations or restrictions present at a specific location.

We offer 2 types of WiFi site survey: Pre-installation WiFi site surveys and Post-installation WiFi site surveys.

Pre-Installation WiFi Site Survey

A WiFi site survey is normally performed prior to a wireless network installation and is a crucial step prior to the planning and design phase of installing a wireless network.

The survey will help in identifying the correct specification of any WiFi and networking equipment required, the limitations imposed by the specific location and buildings involved in the integration, it also offers an optimised list and location of specific equipment best suited to use within the wireless networking environment.

Post Installation WiFi Site Survey

A post installation survey ensures that the site is tested for performance against an agreed set of parameters and often identifies areas for improvement. It also can be used to validate an existing legacy based system which is already known to require an upgrade or replacement. Post install surveys are therefore a vital indicator and validator of a wireless system’s current performance.

There can be a number of factors affecting your WiFi network capabilities in your location and a Multithread WiFi Site Survey ensures that your network provides maximum coverage and performance for your individual business requirements.

What do we check on a WiFi site survey?

In general, a WiFi site survey will take into consideration the size of the area covered, the number of devices required to access the network, the current (if any) network infrastructure, any areas of interference or signal degradation present at the location, the construction materials and layout of any buildings where WiFi is needed and any security or special requirements necessary for your business.

What are the benefits of a WiFi site survey?

After Multithread Consultants has finished their survey, your business will have the ability to purchase the correct equipment, install your WiFi and networking devices in the correct location and ensure that your network is capable of handling all connected devices at maximum capacity and coverage, whilst offering appropriate security features, all tailored to your individual business needs.

Put simply, our surveys will take the guesswork out of installing your network infrastructure and ensure you are running a fully optimised network, which conforms to the latest Ofcom legislation, without compromising performance.

What are the costs of a WiFi site survey?

Due to the varying nature of business requirements and differences in individual locations. i.e. location area, on-site interference, construction materials and building layouts, it is difficult to put a general price on a WiFi site survey. However, we have included a basic guide to pricing below:

Small WiFi site survey (approx 300-500 m²) (half a day to a full day survey) daily rate is £750+VAT

Medium WiFi site survey (approx 1000-5000 m²) (one to two days to survey) daily rate is £750+VAT

Large Wifi site survey (greater than 5000 m²) (roughly one day per 2000 m²) daily rate is £750+VAT.

Desktop predictive survey after receiving full AutoCAD drawings is £350 + VAT per day and number of days depends on size of the project.

How do I book a WiFi site survey?

If your business is interested in finding out more about pricing and how Multithread Consultants can help your business build a cost-effective and safe networking environment, please either call 01449 724247 or use our online contact form.

Need Advice?

Contact our team of wireless & networking experts. We are open Monday to Friday 9:00am until 5:00pm.

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“Ron was incredibly helpful and saved us from what would have been a very shouty customer.

Please pass my thanks onto Ron, knowing we have support like that available from you guys is why we use MikroTik kit.”

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