WiFi Site Survey + Wireless Network Upgrade – Isaacs on the Quay, Ipswich (Part 1)


Multithread often helps clients upgrade and improve their wireless networking infrastructure. In this case, Isaacs on the Quay, asked us to help them improve their WiFi coverage at their stunning location on the waterfront in Ipswich.

What the Client Said:

Isaacs originally contacted us to discuss their need for better WiFi coverage, they were concerned that their current setup was outdated and not providing their customers with a smooth WiFi experience. Alongside this, they asked us to help them eliminate WiFi deadspots in specific areas of their premises that weren’t providing adequate WiFi coverage.

What Multithread Said:

We knew straight away that Isaacs would benefit from one of our WiFi site surveys – this would help identify their overall WiFi coverage and indicate exactly where their WiFi deadspots originated and how much of an area this affected.

We also suggested a full inspection of their current wireless networking products, including access points and network switches. More often than not, aging equipment with outdated firmware, outdated technology, and (sometimes) failing components, are often the cause of poor WiFi coverage.

Our expert team at Multithread also knew that an upgrade of their equipment would be one of the main solutions to help improve their WiFi coverage. Given their equipment was nearly 10 years old at this point, many technological advances have happened in that time, probably the most useful to their situation is the release of WiFi 6 wireless standard – allowing for higher throughput and more connected clients (idea for a busy bar with plenty of clientele).

Suggested Solutions:

  • Full WiFi site survey to identify overall coverage across the premises
  • Full inspection of current equipment and their placement
  • Equipment upgrade to the latest, most cost effective WiFi 6 access points

Wireless Networking Product Upgrade:

24 x Alta Labs AP6-Pro WiFi 6 access points

2 x VLANs

The timing of this project couldn’t have been more perfect for our product upgrade suggestion; LinITX had just taken delivery of the latest innovation in the professional wireless networking market – the Alta Labs AP6 and AP6-Pro access points.

We knew that these WiFi 6 access points would be perfect for the job of providing maximum throughput, combined with wide-area coverage and high number of connected clients.

The Alta Labs AP6 Pro WiFi 6 access point boasts an IP54 rating, providing protection against light water sprays and airborne particulates.

The AP6 Pro incorporates 4096-QAM modulation technology, delivering unprecedented throughput rates that surpass those of standard access points.

The Alta Labs AP6 Pro ensures superior performance – seamlessly roam between network points for unparalleled convenience, while simplified security measures guarantee effortless network protection.

The Location:

Nestled alongside the revitalised waterfront, Isaacs on the Quay is intricately woven into Ipswich‘s historical fabric. This complex of buildings possesses a storied heritage dating back to medieval times.

Comprising of Grade I and Grade II listed buildings, some with origins in the medieval and Tudor eras, the site’s origins date back to as early as 1430 to 1550.

The complex is now named after Isaac Lord, a local businessman who bought the property from the Cobbold brewing family in 1900. The site continued to be used for trading coal and corn until the 1980s.

Isaacs on the Quay Features:

  • Approx 31,000 sq feet (2,900 sq meters)
  • Around 63 rooms, 4 outdoor areas and a marquee
  • 3 floors
  • 7 bars
  • 200+ customers at busy times

Images below are provided courtesy of Gavin King Photography.

WiFi Site Survey on Location:

Here we offer a brief glimpse of our WiFi Site Survey in Ipswich – we completed our site survey of all 3 floors and mezzanine of Isaacs on the Quay.

This survey allowed us to see areas where WiFi coverage could be improved and identify any WiFi deadspots that needed better coverage. Being on location also allowed us to create a plan of suggested placement of the new WiFi 6 access points.

Isaacs Floorplans:

In the images below, we have allocated a specific number of access points placed in optimised positions throughout this 3 storey building (plus mezzanine). We concentrated on high traffic areas and places in the building that needed the best WiFi coverage to allow for maximum throughput and a large number of client connections.

WiFi Site Survey Results:

We won’t go into too much detail here, but the images below should give an understanding of the WiFi coverage across the whole building – 3 floors – Ground Floor, First Floor, Second Floor.

Note that the ORANGE and RED areas have a STRONG signal, GREEN is GOOD signal strength, TURQUOISE and BLUE areas have a POOR signal strength.

*Please note, for the first and second floor the centre of the map that shows the bulk of the green and blue is open air courtyard space and is not surveyed.

Follow Up:

In part 2 of the Isaacs case study we will follow up with the results of the WiFi site survey and installation of the new Alta Labs AP6-Pro access points.