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Tachyon Networks specialises in advanced networking technologies that cater to the modern needs of connectivity, offering products such as 60GHz radios, switches, access points, and antennas. These solutions are designed to enhance wireless network infrastructure and optimise data distribution, which is especially useful for ISPs and WISPs.

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Tachyon Networks Company Overview

Tachyon Networks specialises in high-speed wireless connectivity solutions, particularly in the 60 GHz band, ideal for point-to-point (PTP) and point-to-multipoint (PTMP) fixed wireless access.

Tachyon Networks offer a range of devices like the TNA-300 series, which are designed to deliver multi-gigabit speeds efficiently over short distances without the need for extensive infrastructure.

Their technology supports dynamic beamforming, making installations easier and more flexible, particularly suited for applications like video surveillance, campus WiFi backhaul, and high-bandwidth needs of ISPs and WISPs.

Tachyon‘s products are engineered to maximise bandwidth efficiency while minimising interference, providing reliable wireless network solutions for ISP and WISP small businesses.

Get fiber-like speeds using the virtually noise-free 60 GHz band, installed in minutes

Experience fiber-like speeds using the virtually interference-free 60 GHz band with installations that take just minutes. Achieve over 2 Gbps and cover distances up to 6 km without the need for trenching, permits, or licenses. The quick and easy 3-D beamforming technology ensures precise aiming, and the design is optimised to maximise throughput in one direction, meeting asymmetrical bandwidth needs.


3-D beamforming makes installation easy

Tachyon offers 100% beamforming clients (TNA-301 & TNA-302) that simplify setup with minimal aiming, ideal for short to medium distances. For longer range needs, the TNA-303X with its directional antenna and limited beamforming is optimal. Set up network links in minutes instead of hours, streamlining the installation process.

Simple Management

Tachyon‘s RESTful API allows for comprehensive monitoring and management of devices through custom integration from your chosen backend. It supports functionalities such as fetching statistics, modifying configurations, and updating firmware. Additionally, a user-friendly web interface is available for configuration adjustments, alongside SNMPv2+v3 for network monitoring and alerts. Management is straightforward over IPv4 networks, with no need for complex external services or servers during setup.

Easy Aiming

The Tachyon TNA-301+302 series with 3-D beamforming simplifies aiming, reducing installation time and costs. This technology is perfect for addressing structural challenges like tall buildings or uneven terrain, ensuring robust coverage without post-installation adjustments. Tachyon’s beamforming antenna enhances power spectral density and receive sensitivity. The newer TNA-303X model supports beamforming as well, offering limited capabilities with specific antenna kits, optimising performance across diverse settings.

60 GHz for Optimal PtMP

Tachyon products facilitate longer wireless links by using higher channels in the 60 GHz band, which experience less oxygen absorption attenuation. The full 60 GHz spectrum offers numerous non-overlapping channels, enhancing AP co-location possibilities at installation sites. Dynamic TDMA mode optimises scheduling for various applications, while the new TNA-303X model, coupled with high-gain antenna kits, allows for extended link ranges.

Tachyon Outdoor 60 GHz PTP / PTMP Radio / Access Point – TNA-301

The Tachyon TNA-301 excels at offloading clients within its range, effectively optimising the use of the sub-6GHz spectrum while reserving lower bands for clients in hard-to-reach areas.

TNA-301 offers multi-Gigabit speeds to up to 32 clients per sector, providing a cost-effective alternative to fiber deployments. This model includes a proprietary TDMA protocol tailored for applications like video surveillance that require substantial upload bandwidth.

With 3D beamforming antennas, the TNA-301 ensures swift automatic alignment, drastically cutting down installation time. The TNA-30x family combines affordability, high subscriber density, and rapid deployment, reducing the total cost of ownership for service providers.

Tachyon Outdoor 60 GHz PTP / PTMP Radio / Station – TNA-302

The Tachyon TNA-302 is designed to efficiently offload clients within range, making optimal use of the sub-6GHz spectrum while conserving lower bands for clients in remote areas.

The Tachyon TNA-302 delivers multi-Gigabit speeds to up to 32 clients per sector, offering a cost-effective alternative to fiber. Equipped with a proprietary TDMA scheduling protocol, it is ideal for video surveillance networks that demand high-capacity upload bandwidth.

The TNA-302‘s 3D beamforming antennas facilitate rapid, automatic alignment, significantly reducing installation times. The TNA-30x series offers affordability, high subscriber density, and quick setup, decreasing total ownership costs for service providers.

Tachyon Outdoor 60 GHz PTP / PTMP Modular Long Range Radio – TNA-303X

The Tachyon TNA-303X is a groundbreaking advancement in 60GHz full-band radio technology, boasting a modular design that offers flexible deployment options. The base unit alone provides a 90° beam-forming coverage, which can be enhanced with an additional antenna kit (sold separately) for a more directed beam.

Its compact form factor and compatibility with TNA-301 and TNA-302 models simplify inventory and installation processes. The TNA-303X also features robust connectivity options, including a 2.5G port and a 1G port with PoE out, supporting longer link distances and greater co-location possibilities, making it a versatile solution for diverse networking applications.

Tachyon 6 Port 2.5G PoE Network Switch – TNS-100

The Tachyon TNS-100 is a robust, VLAN-aware, Layer 2 industrial switch that excels in data and power distribution. It features a total of six ports: four 2.5Gbps NBASE-T ports with software-controlled PoE output, one 2.5Gbps NBASE-T port with PoE input, and one 10Gbps SFP+ port, making it well-suited for a variety of networking needs.

The TNS-100 switch supports flexible power options and robust management features including web interface, SNMP, and RESTful API. Ideal for industrial applications, the TNS-100 enhances networking performance with comprehensive connectivity and advanced management capabilities.

Tachyon PTMP Directional Antenna Kit 33dBi 6°x6° Range – TNA-AK-100

The Tachyon TNA-AK-100 Antenna Kit significantly enhances the performance of the TNA-301, TNA-302, and TNA-303X devices by increasing their range and improving signal directionality.

The TNA-AK-100 kit allows for focused and precise connectivity, essential for both point-to-point and multipoint configurations. Its durable construction ensures reliability across various environmental conditions, making it ideal for diverse deployment scenarios.

TNA-AK-100 is crucial for those looking to maximise the effectiveness of their Tachyon TNA series devices in complex networking environments.

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