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Centralised Management for Access Points, Switches, and Gateways

TP-Link Omada Overview

Introducing TP-Link Omada: A Pioneering Cloud Solution for Business Networking Across Various Industries

TP-Link Omada emerges as a pioneering, comprehensive end-to-end cloud solution, meticulously designed to cater to diverse business networking needs. Incorporating a vast array of devices including routers, hardware controllers, switches, access points, and more, TP-Link Omada stands at the forefront of Software Defined Networking (SDN), offering a seamlessly integrated network infrastructure.

At the core of TP-Link Omada is its 100% centralised cloud management, which facilitates the creation of a highly scalable network. This network can be controlled effortlessly from a single interface, providing unparalleled accessibility and management capabilities anytime, anywhere. Discover the transformative impact of Omada Cloud SDN on your business operations.

Efficiency and Intelligence at the Heart of Networking

TP-Link Omada‘s philosophy is rooted in higher efficiency through its cutting-edge Software Defined Networking (SDN). This allows centralised management across various components like gateways, switches, and access points, ensuring cohesive network operation.

The platform’s centralised cloud management system empowers businesses to oversee their network activities across different sites from any location, providing flexibility and real-time control. This is complemented by Zero-Touch Provision, which revolutionises network deployment and configuration across multiple sites remotely, without the need for physical engineer visits to client premises.

TP-Link Omada‘s user-friendly dashboard facilitates effortless network monitoring, giving insights into real-time network status and data on network usage and traffic distribution. Additionally, the AI-driven technology on the dashboard offers intelligent network analyses, alerts, and optimisations, streamlining network management.

For environments demanding high-density WiFi, TP-Link Omada is equipped with WiFi 6 and WiFi 5 APs, ensuring robust and efficient high-concurrency capacity.

Tailored to Diverse Sector Needs

Recognising the unique requirements of various sectors, TP-Link Omada is strategically designed to cater to industries such as hospitality, education, retail, and office environments. Each sector benefits from scenario-based product designs and features that address their specific networking demands:

  • In Hospitality, it offers high-quality, comprehensive WiFi coverage.
  • For Education, it delivers high-density WiFi, perfect for bustling academic settings.
  • In the Retail sector, it supports social marketing strategies for Online-to-Offline (O2O) initiatives.
  • For Offices, TP-Link Omada provides seamless wireless and wired connections.

Diverse Product Portfolio for Integrated Networking

The TP-Link Omada line boasts a versatile range of cloud-managed devices, encompassing gateways, switches, access points, cloud controllers, and more, all under the umbrella of a full Software Defined Networking (SDN) solution. Discover a product range that is engineered to meet the networking needs of today’s dynamic business environments, ensuring scalability, efficiency, and high performance.


TP-Link Omada App

Greater Convenience with the Omada App

Remotely access and configure your whole
network with a tap of your phone from
anywhere in the world.

TP-Link Omada App - Download Now


Easy and Intelligent Network Monitoring

The intuitive dashboard facilitates effortless monitoring of
your network’s current status. It allows for an overview of
network usage, traffic patterns, and provides logs of network
conditions along with alerts for unusual events and notifications.

Additionally, it aids in analysing critical data to enhance business
outcomes. For IT administrators, the network topology feature
streamlines the process of observing and resolving
connectivity issues with a visual reference.


Multiple Features Guarantee Easier Network Maintenance

Multi-Site Management, Remote Firmware Updates and Batch Management

Improve network maintenance without needing to configure on-site or manage devices individually.

Powerful Scheduling

Maintain your network easily with more agile and effective processing. No manual tasks required.

TP-Link Omada Product Highlights

TP-Link Omada Access Points

TP-Link Omada access points are a cornerstone of modern wireless network infrastructure, designed for a variety of business and home environments. Embodying a seamless blend of performance and reliability, Omada access points cater to the growing demand for high-density WiFi that is both manageable and scalable.

With an emphasis on centralised management and high-efficiency WiFi 6 technology, these access points offer a solution that can accommodate the needs of residential homes, small cafes, large educational institutions and business environments.

TP-Link Omada Hardware Controllers

TP-Link Omada Hardware Controllers are the command centre for networks utilising Omada access points, network switches and other devices. They provide centralised control and management of the entire wireless network infrastructure.

These hardware controllers facilitate seamless integration and uniform management, ensuring a cohesive networking experience across multiple APs and switches. With the ability to manage hundreds of devices, they are equipped to cater to the needs of small to large-scale deployments.

TP-Link Omada Switches

TP-Link has designed a variety of PoE Switches to meet the requirements of most IPCs. Many robust features provide value well beyond basic networking needs, creating a versatile and reliable surveillance network to grow your business.

The benefits of PoE switches have become more evident with the rapid expansion of network-connected devices. They offer more effective solutions for connecting numerous PoE-compatible devices like VoIP, IP cameras, and access points, meeting the demands of most common business scenarios.

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