Multithread Announces New Brand Partnership with Alta Labs

Exciting New Brand Partnership: and Alta Labs Join Forces in the UK

In a dynamic and ever-evolving tech industry, strategic collaborations often lead to groundbreaking innovations and exceptional customer experiences. Today, Multithread is thrilled to announce an exciting new brand partnership between our eCommerce distribution network and Alta Labs, bringing an array of cutting-edge products and solutions to the UK market.

At the heart of this partnership lies the shared commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.‘s extensive experience and expertise in networking and IT solutions perfectly complement Alta Labs‘ innovative cloud management software and hi-spec networking products. By combining forces, the two companies aim to provide customers with unparalleled products and services that enable them to streamline operations, optimise performance, and drive business growth.

Alta Labs UK product lineup is currently focused on hi-spec WiFi 6 access points with the Alta Labs AP6 and AP6 Pro and zero-fee cloud-based network management software. They are planning to release a range of hi-spec network switches in Summer 2023.‘s extensive distribution network and customer-centric approach ensure that Alta Labs‘ innovative solutions reach businesses and organisations across the UK. Customers can rely on’s exceptional customer service, technical expertise, and reliable logistics to access the latest products and receive unmatched support throughout their technology journey.

This brand partnership also reflects a shared commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements. Both and Alta Labs are dedicated to continuously exploring and harnessing emerging technologies, ensuring that customers have access to the most innovative and future-proof solutions available in the market.

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